We create products that move the human race.
Products that are rooted in the conviction that they must matter. They must contribute. Everything we craft is guided by these ideals, and driven by our intense passion to put good into the world.

John Weiss

Chief Design Officer / Co-Founder

My work is guided by purpose, passion, simplicity, beauty, innovation and surprise. I strive to create experiences that help individuals be human to the fullest, create lasting relationships and shape the future.

Matt Null

CTO / Co-Founder

I am a technologist, futurist and entrepreneur. My work has had a focus in a wide range of web technologies and I am always eager to push the browser to its limits.

Thomas Woodson


I'm a pixel pusher, code writer and mountain climber with a passion for challenge. I live to tell stories whether through design, or through documenting my time spent above treeline.

Being Human Is Conversational

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